Field Tubing Inspection

Diversified Oilfield Services utilizes the WellTech 4X™ inspection tool to accurately detect any defects in production tubing.

The WellTech 4X™ is a portable, computerized, rig floor tubing inspection system for inspecting tubing as it is being pulled from the well service rig floor. Tubing can travel through the head bidirectionally, but the inspection process takes place as the pipe is pulled out of the well.  The exclusive SPLIT-Check pneumatic split and hole detector is used to detect splits and holes in the tubing that conventional EMI systems may miss. The WellTech 4X™ utilizes the latest Hall Effects sensors and DOES NOT USE GAMMA RADIATION.  We can inspect pipe up to 4 ½ “ OD.

Our staff receive ongoing professional training from New Tech Systems to ensure we stay up to date on all technological advances in tubing inspection.  We have over 15 years experience in field tubing inspection.