Yard Tubular Inspection

Diversified Oilfield has a yard tubular inspection facility to clean and inspect production tubing, casing, and production rods.  Our state of the art hydraulic powered cleaning system uses pressurized steam to clean the inside AND outside of any production tubing.  Our system will remove wax, scale and cement buildup which allows companies to save more usable pipe at a fraction of the cost of replacing plugged joints.  By cleaning both surfaces, it allows for a more accurate reading during inspection.  We also inspect thread ends during the process as well as perform full API drifting of each joint.   Our system is fully automatic to provide a safe process for our employees as very little “touch” time is required with the pipe.  We utilize the VEDAQ 2000-C™ inspection system in our yard facility.  The VEDAQ 2000-C™ is a portable, computerized, multi-function EMI system for inspecting drill pipe and tubing.  The VEDAQ 2000-C™ is designed to meet most industry requirements set forth by API, DS-1, etc.

Diversified Oilfield also provides sucker rod inspection and coating services.  We perform both a visual and EMI inspection if requested.  Rod thread ends as well as the body are inspected for pitting and flaws.  Each rod is then coated to protect the rod from the elements if they sit on racks for any length of time.