Turn Around Supervision

Diversified Oilfield Services is proud to offer a comprehensive Turn-Around Supervision program. We are confident that we can offer quality safety services during your turn around activities while allowing reduced costs to maintain fiscal responsibility.

The base of our program revolves around qualified professionals operating quality equipment. Our program aligns with our “one stop shop philosophy” by having a truck that has been set up with turn-around supervision being the primary vision.

Our trucks have a 6 bottle high pressure cascade breathing air system that will supply up to six users with required breathing air. Two SCBA’s will also be in the truck for emergency rescue provisions.

A compressed Air Foam system (C.A.F.S) unit is mounted in the truck with a 350 gallon water cell. An external inlet will allow for water to be transferred into the C.A.F.S system from a water truck, enabling us to create thousands upon thousands of gallons of finished foam. There is an integrated 50 gallon foam cell on board to complete the system.

Our trucks are outfitted with a cache of comprehensive technical rescue equipment that will enable us to ensure we can provide on-site rescue in virtually any situation we may encounter. To ensure the safety of all personnel on site, a medical kit with oxygen and AED is also on board.

To complete the service, we will have available a variety of high range H2s monitors, L.E.L monitors, and 4 head gas detectors, as well as a an elaborate lock – out system to compliment your companies lock-out program.

Our trucks are staffed by 4 qualified safety professionals capable of ensuring a safe, efficient turn-around. Our staffing is made up of a supervisor, a rescue technician, a foam technician, and a labourer.

Our staff is well versed and proficient in completing hazard assessments; lock out audits, establishing rescue plans and ERP’s and performing confined space entry supervision and rescue if required.