Glycol Frost Protection/Thawing Units

Diversified Oilfield Services has developed a unique compact glycol heating unit that allows customers flexibility on locations in regards to thawing or heating operations. The use of the closed loop glycol system prevents the need or expense of a boiler and the possible creation of an icy surface caused by the use of wet or dry boilers. Our system can be modified to suit any client’s needs. We have two trailers with 10 units in each trailer that allows flexibility for any location. The compact size allows for easy movement from one application to the next. The units are diesel fired and intrinsically safe. By using a glycol heating system, it allows continuous heat, thus preventing thawing times at beginning of days reducing downtime and increasing production. Applications for glycol heating are numerous including but restricted to, ground thawing, water line thawing, BOP heating, temperature concrete curing, to name a few.