Well Optimization Service

Diversified Oilfield Services provides well optimization support through our sonologing services. We utilize the Echometer Model M to accurately measure fluid levels in the wellbore.  The Echometer is used to determine the distance to the liquid level in the casing annulus of a well. A pressure pulse is generated from a gas-gun/microphone attachment that is connected to the surface casing annulus valve. The pressure pulse travels down the casing annulus gas and is reflected by collars, the liquid level and other obstructions. A microphone in the wellhead attachment converts the pressure pulses into electrical signals that are amplified, filtered and recorded on a strip of paper. The record shows the number of tubing collars from the surface to the liquid level and hence the liquid level depth can be determined.

We can provide scheduled readings as well as fluid buildup and new well start up testing.  Our staff have over 50 years of combined oilfield experience to provide the best information possible for the customer.